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What Is Social Media Management?

Social media management is the strategic use of social media to grow audiences and revenue. It helps you achieve brand goals in marketing, sales, and customer service.

Social media managers often share these core responsibilities:

  • Develop a social media strategy
  • Create and post social media content
  • Create and manage social media ads
  • Engage with followers and influencers
  • Analyze and report on metrics

Some businesses have a dedicated social media manager or a team handling these activities. Others outsource to freelancers or social media marketing agencies.

But social media management can help even the smallest businesses generate revenue. It can even help you to build a personal brand.

Below, we’ll discuss why social media management is crucial for your brand. And how to manage your social media presence.

How to Do Social Media Management

You can manage social media using native tools—i.e., the tools available on the social platforms themselves. For example, Twitter allows you to post tweets, reply to direct messages, and view analytics.

But many businesses use third-party social media management tools.

These make it quicker and easier to manage multiple accounts. Because they bring everything together in one place. They also provide additional insights to guide your social media strategy.

Below, we’ll cover tactics for social media management success. And tools you can use for each step.

Choose the Right Platforms

You can manage social media accounts on one or more platforms.

These are the leading social media platforms marketers use worldwide, according to Statista:

  1. Facebook (90%)
  2. Instagram (79%)
  3. LinkedIn (61%)
  4. YouTube (52%)
  5. Twitter (43%)
  6. TikTok (18%)
  7. Snapchat (4%)

But the right platforms for your brand depend on who you’re trying to reach.

For example, many people use Pinterest to get home decor inspiration. So it’s great for brands like IKEA. As of March 2023, IKEA gets more than 10 million views on their Pinterest boards every month.


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